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Eight unusual car-branded products

Posted by - Tim Earnshaw on 18 April 2023 (Updated 15 July 2024)
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These days, the car is just the start. When the world’s most famous marques flex their merchandising muscles, the results can be sublime, ridiculous and everything in-between. Here are eight of the most memorable branded products, as chosen by the Windrush luxury car storage team.

Porsche toaster


As sleek and highly specced as the 911 Turbo S, Siemens’ brushed-aluminium TT911P2 even boasts a memory function for optimal browning, slice after slice. But why stop there? Offering everything from a knife set to an ice cube tray, the German marque could be all over your kitchen, reminding visitors in no uncertain terms that you own a Porsche (or at least the accessories).

Bentley aftershave

Bentley aftershave

From the purr of the W12 engine to the wheel beneath your palms, driving a Bentley is a multi-sensory pleasure, and if you’re missing that luxurious note of wood and leather while your Continental relaxes in our long term car storage, a spritz from the British marque’s aftershave range is instantly evocative.

Tesla babygrow

Tesla baby

Musk’s marque is already eyeing its future demographic, with a kids apparel line that includes bomber jackets and beanies. But the highlight has to be Tesla’s branded onesies for your newest family member, with logos that include ‘Made On Earth By Humans’ and ‘Zero Emissions – Almost’.

Maserati polo saddle

Maserati Polo Saddle

Make a seamless gearshift from the 621 bhp of your Maserati MC20 to the more literal horse power of the polo field with this handmade full-grain leather saddle by Argentinian artisan brand La Martina. Released in 2021 to toast the Italian car-maker’s centenary, the silver, blue and black colour palette – with logo embossed in silver leaf – is as sophisticated as the Cartier Queen’s Cup.

Mercedes-Benz dog treat bag


Bonios and poo bags need no longer be stuffed in a raincoat pocket with this saffiano leather and canvas treat bag from MiaCara. But with a price tag of around £170, only the most pampered pooches need apply.

Lamborghini Christmas baubles


This Christmas, deck the halls with the world’s most ostentatious tree bauble, eschewing the traditional green-and-red colour palette for a supercar-ready tangerine that evokes champagne on the San Tropez beachfront more than chestnuts on an open fire.

Bugatti shisha pipe


Banish all memories of makeshift student bongs with Bugatti’s 2.5-foot shisha pipe: a marvel of engineering in its own right, handmade by Swedish artisans, comprising pure titanium frame, carbon fibre casing and hand-sewn leather embellishments. Admittedly, you might choke at the price (a cool £80k).

Audi sledge


Featuring a contoured seat, twin ergonomic handles and temperature resistance down to -20 degrees, the Audi sledge promises terminal velocities to rival the Quattro (the one omission, as you’ll discover when hurtling towards a tree, is the MTEC performance brakes).

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