Car Storage in Cheltenham

Nestled safely away in the heart of the london

We offer two locations: Central London (W12) and within the beautiful Cotswolds countryside. Both offer the same exacting standards and attention to detail.

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Why Choose Windrush Car Storage

Every vehicle is looked after as if our own

Our private facility is high security, anonymous and climate controlled. Full time staffed


Cotswolds facility location & enquiries

Price for Cotswolds (GL54)
+VAT per week
GL54, Cheltenham Google maps
(Please contact us for our site address and to make an appointment)
Opening hours
Monday - Friday
0800 - 1700
0800 - 1200
Drop off only
All visits by booked appointment please.
24/7 out of hours service available upon request.
We don’t reveal our exact location, for the added security that provides, but please take a look at the map below for our general location. Only after you have filled in our booking form will you be provided with our full address.

what’s included?

We believe in an all inclusive price - with no surprises

High security
  • Site locations extremely discreet, no addresses listed
  • No external signage
  • High grade physical locks and bollards
  • Modern electronic security, regularly maintained and remotely monitored 24/7/365
  • All security measures reviewed regularly
Climate controlled
  • Dehumidified to 55% RH (relative humidity), the perfect environment for vehicle preservation
  • At 55% RH exposed metal will not rust, but not too dry that leather or tyres will dry out
  • Temperature and humidity automatically logged every hour 24/7/365
  • We can preserve any vehicle for any duration of time
  • We do not offer non-dehumidified storage as we know vehicles will degrade in this environment
ALL valeting
  • All vehicles entering Windrush for the first time and repeated after each use
  • pH neutral products to cleanse each vehicle carefully and thoroughly prior to storage
  • Pre handover final presentation preparation and checks
  • Highly experienced in all paint types & PPF care
CTEK battery conditioner
  • Supplied by Windrush
  • Annually electrically tested & certified for safety
  • Dedicated to each vehicle
Soft breathable cover
  • Windrush supplied
  • Super soft, stretchable and breathable
  • Suitable for all paint types
  • Carefully and methodically applied / removed to minimise any contamination
Full time staffed
  • Full time office staff ready to answer your email or call at any time
  • All emails responded to within 24hrs
  • We act as your car PA, whatever the question... the answer is yes
  • Highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable staff
  • Positive, can-do attitude
  • A team who are passionate and genuinely care
Active maintenance
  • Daily walk around checks of all facilities to check security and environment
  • Weekly battery conditioner health checks of every vehicle
  • Bi-monthly run up to temperature
  • Any aspect taken care of at your request
  • Proactive storage so that every vehicle is always 'on the button' whenever you would like to next use
  • One level of service, no compromise, only the best
5 star customer service
  • 24/7/365 access to your vehicle
  • We are passionate about communication
  • Traditional values, modern approach
  • We care for your vehicle as if it was our own
Car storage services
We happily take care of any servicing, MOT, Installations, repairs and restorations needs for your car. Routine servicing, preventative maintenance and more
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You're In good company

  • testimonial1
    "We have kept our vehicle with Windrush for several years now and throughout we have been extremely impressed by their professionalism."

    Mrs A.M.
    Location: Pall Mall, London
  • testimonial-2.png?w=931&h=1024&scale
    I would recommend Tim and the Windrush team as being enthusiastic, professional, and accommodating, in providing value-for money car storage and care.

    Mr P.H.
    Location: London
Frequently asked questions
  • Where are we located?

    Our Google Map listings provide approximate locations however to safeguard the vehicles entrusted to us we do not publish our exact address or location. Please contact us with your enquiry for further information and to make an appointment to book a private tour. Thank you for your understanding.

  • How easily can I access my car and on how much notice?

    We aim to offer our client access to their vehicles on a 24/7 basis and our facility is open 7 days a week, with access out of hours using our secure Drop Zone.  We generally ask that clients give us 24 hours’ notice when using their vehicles but we can usually accommodate shorter notice requests where needed. The aim is to allow the clients to enjoy their vehicles whenever they need, fitting seamlessly around their busy lives.

  • Can we complete servicing, repairs and MOTs while cars are in storage?

    We aim to act as a “car butler” for our clients, no matter what their request. As such, we can assist our clients with the full range of ancillary services relating to their vehicles, be that routine maintenance, repairs, MOTs, transport etc.  We act as a single point of contact and the client can rely on us to get the work completed promptly and efficiently, keeping them fully informed at all stages to completion.

  • Can we provide transport services?

    As part of our concierge services, we can arrange transport services at competitive rates to/from any given destination worldwide, either using our fully trained drivers for local journeys or our enclosed transporter for longer distances (or situations where a client prefers covered transport).

  • Can we refurbish damaged alloy wheels?

    This is a common request where clients drive regularly in London and we are happy to arrange repairs to all finishes of alloy wheel using our preferred supplier. In most cases, the vehicle will not have to leave our facility to have the work completed.

  • Can clients leave their daily drivers with us when using their cars from storage?

    Once a client has placed a car with us, that space is theirs to use as they see fit and we will very happily look after a daily driver to our usual high standards while their storage car is being used.

  • Can we arrange importation and re-registration of vehicles from overseas?

    We have a great deal of experience of importing client cars and have various preferred partners who can arrange this. We are also very happy to deal with all aspects of the UK re-registration of foreign vehicles on behalf of the client, liaising directly with the importers and DVLA/HMRC.

  • Can we move cars between London and Cotswolds sites if needed?

    Yes, we are happy to move cars between sites, particularly if a client doesn’t need their car in London for a period of time and would prefer to take advantage of a lower storage rate. We use our in-house car transporter to make the relocation seamless and hassle-free.

Our environmental promise

Windrush strives to be the best in all aspects of car storage, be that providing a first-class client experience, or maintaining our ISO 9001 status year after year. But it’s not just our clients to whom we owe our best, we also need to care for the environment.

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