Located in Central London & The Cotswolds

Windrush aim to deliver the best car storage solution in the world, whatever it takes

Our team are passion driven, fastidious, respectful and trusted experts with all types of classic, prestige and everyday vehicles

Our background in Formula One and prestige marque maintenance and management, ensures we understand what is required to maintain and store any vehicle to the highest standard

Facilities in London & The Cotswolds

Est 2004

ISO 9001 quality management certified

Car Storage
London & Cotswolds

Simply to offer the best car storage and care available. ISO 9001 certified.

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Car Management

The total car management solution for collectors, investors and drivers.

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Car Transport
& Shipping Solutions

In house enclosed vehicle transport from anywhere to anywhere.

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Our Car Storage Facilities

Purpose designed, built, highly secure, dehumidified and fully insured to look after your pride and joy in the best possible conditions.

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What our clients say about us

I would recommend Tim and the Windrush team as being enthusiastic, professional, and accommodating, in providing value-for money car storage and care. My car was kept immaculate, main dealer servicing was made possible, and the car was always ready for me on time when I wanted to use it. When compared with other storage companies I looked at, Windrush are leaders in terms of facilities, quality of service, and cooperation with customer’s needs and wishes.


Paul Hendrie - Lamborghini LP560-4 Spyder - London

What our clients say about us

I left my Lotus in Windrush Car Storage‘s capable hands whilst living overseas in Singapore. The rates were reasonable, communication excellent, and they were very flexible in terms of picking up and delivering my vehicle safely and in a cost effective and timely manner.

Tim did a thoroughly good job of looking after my pride and joy. Happy to recommend.

Jamie Bassett - Lotus Exige Club Racer - Singapore

What our clients say about us

An old car made new. Super detailing work during 3 month storage – fooled one petrol station attendant into thinking this 16 year old car was new! Plus, great to find somewhere run by people with enthusiasm for their business. Thank you.

Damian Brewer - Porsche Boxster - London

Passion Driven for Investors, Collectors and Drivers.


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