The cars we manage cover low annual mileage, already making them more environmentally friendly than those driven regularly, but at Windrush we constantly evolve our internal operations to become a fully sustainable business, doing all we can to protect the environment whilst maintaining and exceeding client expectations.

Tim Earnshaw
Tim Earnshaw - Founder
The future of transportation

The future of transportation

To ready ourselves for the future of transportation, Windrush staff trained in electric vehicle battery storage techniques long before EVs were commonplace, and now manage more hybrid and BEVs than ever before. But that isn’t enough, and Windrush founder Tim Earnshaw made it his mission to run the business as environmentally consciously as possible and has put a number of changes in place to achieve this.

Our Environmental Pledges

  1. Electricity

    100% green import, in addition to a 30kW solar array, provides Windrush with all the electricity it needs, whilst also allowing export to the grid during summer months.

    We plan to store the surplus energy for night usage during 2022.

  2. Water

    Supplied by Thames Water for general office and car storage business purposes.

    Plans are in place for rainwater harvesting and a filtration system to reduce water consumption.

  3. Digital

    Our digital platforms run on 100% green server power, managed by an environmentally sound hosting company.

  4. Waste

    All consumable items purchased have a long service life and/or are multi-use.

    At the end of an item's life, all waste is zero landfill and recycled.

  5. Paper

    Windrush is switching to 100% recycled, FSC-certified paper during 2022.

  6. Chemicals

    High concentrates are used, diluted on-site, to minimise our carbon footprint. All waste is zero landfill and recycled.

  7. Transport

    At present, the majority of Windrush staff need to drive to work. To offset this, we will plant 1500 trees to cover carbon emissions from our workforce by 2023.

  8. Washing

    Water is used at Windrush to valet client vehicles, though we do, where possible, use alternatives. Our water harvesting program will help to make our water usage more sustainable.

Staff Transport to Work

Staff Transport to Work

Each person produces on average 10.8 tonnes of CO2 as their entire carbon footprint per year from their home, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more. This can be offset with the planting of 144 trees.

Windrush commits to plant a minimum of 1500 trees to cover it's workforce by 2023

State-of-the-art water harvesting, and filtration systems

State-of-the-art water harvesting, and filtration systems

Cleaning cars is a daily job at Windrush, and a state-of-the-art water harvesting, and filtration systems will be installed to provide the business with a constant supply of sustainable, natural water. Highly concentrated cleaning products are used which are diluted on site to minimise logistical carbon footprint, and all waste is zero landfill and recycled. Car cleaning towels are washed and reused.

Our future

Our future

As the future of driving evolves, so does the internal business objectives of Windrush. These measures are just the start of a committed plan to run the business as environmentally efficient as possible and offers another example of the continuous Windrush commitment to excellence.

Our Environmental Promise

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