Timeline of business development

  • End of year roundup

    2018 was a fantastic year for Windrush, many more happy clients joining us and always a pleasure to see familiar faces returning each year for Winter storage.


    December 2018
  • New detailing booth

    Bespoke detailing booth created at our HQ in the Cotswolds to offer a filtered air cleanroom for all our in house detailing work.

    June 2018
  • New transport fleet

    Two new vehicle transporters join the Windrush fleet giving us the capacity to relocate any vehicle from anywhere to anywhere.

    March 2018
  • Windrush London expands

    The London team grows boosting it to four full time staff, onsite at our London facility 7 days a week.

    January 2018
  • Windrush upgrades to the new ISO9001:2015 standard

    Windrush upgrades to the new ISO9001:2015 standard from the outgoing 2008 standard. This quality standard is to demonstrate that we are independently assessed to be operating to a set of standards and processes to reach the end goal of total client satisfaction. 

  • 30kvA Solar PV system installed generating 100% of daytime electricity

    • 30kvA Solar PV system installed to generate 100% of daytime electricity consumed in Cotswolds HQ to charge car batteries, run our dehumidifiers and lights, often exporting a surplus to the grid head towards a carbon neutral business. 
    • Windrush London one year old and expands by 20% due to high demand.
    2016 - 30kvA Solar PV system installed generating 100% of daytime electricity
  • Windrush opens new car storage facility in London

    • Windrush opens new facility in W12 London, high security and controlled environment.
    • New staff join Windrush: Tim Newton, Chris Chambers, Allan Read & Zoe Moloney.
    2015 - Windrush opens new car storage facility in London
  • Windrush awarded ISO 9001 status

    • Full time Detailer, Lachlan Chalmers, joins Windrush to offer in house treatments to our storage clients 
    • Full time General Manager, James Edgerton joins Windrush.
    • Windrush award ISO9001 status, World first car storage business to achieve this certification. 
    2014 - Windrush awarded ISO 9001 status
  • Car storage facility doubled in size

    • Motor-house 4 doubled in size with an extension.
    • First full time member of staff, Simon McCullough, starts storage operations and transport.
    • Part time staff, James Edgerton starts, storage operations and transport.
    2013 - Car storage facility doubled in size
  • Electric car charging station installed

    • Undercover wash area created to shade cars in the summer and shelter from the elements in the Winter. Equipped with hot water, bright lighting and valeting dispensary to improve a vital pre storage process.
    • High capacity electric car charging station installed.
    2012 - Electric car charging station installed
  • Dehumidifiers installed throughout

    • Dehumidifiers installed throughout all areas to create the ideal environment for car storage (55%RH).
    • Bespoke two storey Motor-house 4 created, fully climate controlled with floor to floor vehicle lift, on site office and meeting room.
    • Every vehicle issued with a dedicated, intelligent battery conditioner.
  • 30% more capacity

    • Motor-house 3 created to add 30% more capacity.
    • 30% of storage converted into controlled environment using Air Chambers.
    2010 - 30% more capacity
  • Tim leaves Ferrari

    • Tim leaves Ferrari to work on Windrush full time. 
    • Brother Edward Earnshaw joins Tim in operations.
    • Windrush begin operating in-house enclosed transport.
    • Motor-house 2 created to double capacity.
    2009 - Tim leaves Ferrari
  • Part time business

    • Part time business (evenings and weekends) whilst Tim works with Ferrari Formula One, mother and father assist during the working week, Windrush operates in Motor-house 1.
    2009 - 2004
    2009 - 2004 - Part time business
  • Windrush is born

    • Windrush born after founder Tim Earnshaw has a need to store his 'Morgan recreation' after five years of building from the ground up. 
    • Name generated from the River Windrush running through the family farm. 
    2004 - Windrush is born
Tim Earnshaw

Irrespective of vehicle make, model or monetary value, every vehicle is given the utmost care and attention to detail. Windrush has a passion for providing the ultimate storage solution. Purpose designed, highly secure and dehumidified to look after your pride and joy in the best possible conditions. Anything less than this simply wouldn’t be good enough for Windrush.

Tim Earnshaw
Tim Earnshaw - Founder