Preparation, as with most things is key, this most certainly applies prior to storing your vehicle for any length of time.

Avoid the simple steps below at your peril (list applies to indoor car storage):

  1. Wash the vehicle thoroughly to remove all contaminants
  2. Dry the vehicle and note any damages. Repair any exposed scuffs/scratches
  3. Vacuum the interior to remove any debris
  4. Wax the bodywork to protect and feed the paintwork
  5. Change the engine oil and filter to remove acidic contaminants in old oil
  6. Check the strength of the Antifreeze to prevent freeze damage to the engine
  7. Overinflate the tyres to 50psi to prevent ‘flat spotting’
  8. Apply tyre preserver to the sidewalls to nourish and prevent perishing
  9. Apply a battery conditioner to maintain the battery condition
  10. Apply a car cover to protect the bodywork

These simple steps are strongly advised to give proper care to your vehicle whether preparing for short term or long term car storage

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