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Car Covers – all you need to know

Posted by - Tim Earnshaw on 21 July 2016 (Updated 23 September 2021)
Car Storage
Car Covers – all you need to know

You may wish to start your car storage journey at home, perhaps to provide additional protection over the winter months or to pamper a cherished vehicle. At Windrush we go the extra mile to make sure vehicles are stored in the optimum conditions for preservation, but we also offer a variety of indoor car covers for enthusiasts to use in their own garages.

A breathable cover is preferable as it will release any moisture trapped beneath the cover and allow it to evaporate through the fabric. Beware of non-breathable fabrics with vents, as damp will still form where there are no vents. Non-Hydroscopic covers also offer a myriad of benefits as natural fibres such as cotton will absorb moisture and become permanently damp.

One of the main benefits of using covered car storage  is that it protects the  vehicle from dust and dirt and, as specified, a cover should be breathable. To achieve this, a cover will have tiny holes in the material, but to ensure good dust protection properties the cover should be of multilayer construction, with layers of breathable material in which the holes in each layer should not line up.

Any car cover, no matter how soft and luxurious, will scratch if it is placed upon an unwashed car. Therefore, it is imperative a cover is only used only when a car is clean. Choosing a car cover with a man-made soft lining which will also help prevent scratches being introduced into the paintwork when putting it on and taking it off, and Windrush advises that covers are laundered periodically to remove any dust/grit particles which may accumulate over time.

A well-fitted cover looks good and is extremely functional, however a cover that is too tight could prevent sufficient air circulation. This occurs when the material is tightly stretched, opening the weave of the fabric, and allowing dust to filter through. For these reasons fully tailored covers are recommended to be used only in dehumidified, clean locations. However, be aware that too large a cover can easily touch the ground picking up harmful grit and dirt particles or can slip off the car altogether.

Whilst an outdoor cover should have good water resistance, 100% water resistance should be avoided as this will result in the inability for the cover to breathe and for air to circulate. Multilayer fabrics provide good water resistance, while allowing air to circulate.

It is important to protect your vehicle from UV light when not in use as over time it can lead to tyres perishing, rubber seals drying out and paintwork becoming dull. All covered car storage  will filter out UV light, however a light colour such as silver or white will also reflect the sun’s rays, keeping the car beneath cooler. A darker colour will absorb UV rays which promotes a build-up of heat.

One of the biggest risks of using outdoor covered car storage is movement caused by wind which creates chafing and damage to paintwork. To help prevent this the cover should have an elasticated hem to the front and rear and straps which sling beneath the vehicle in at least two places to securely hold the cover in place.

Windrush Covered Car Storage

If your vehicle can enjoy covered car storage at home, our single layer, semi-tailored, breathable car cover will offer useful additional protection and can also help to safeguard paint work from UV rays and airborne particles. An elasticated hem offers a good fit and locking straps and storage bags also prove to be very useful.

A double layer semi-tailored indoor cover is also available, manufactured from higher quality materials which provides increased levels of protection from accidental damage – useful in a domestic garage often subject to regular family use. The bottom layer is manufactured from soft material to be gentle on paintwork while the top layer protects from UV rays and airborne particles.

Semi-tailored car covers start at £150+vat available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Our fully tailored covered car storage provides the ultimate in protection with a perfectly snug fit.These covers are manufactured with a super-soft fleece internal lining, and a breathable and dust proof top layer, and every cover has tailored sections for external mirrors and body styling. Covers are available in a choice of ten colours to match the specification of your vehicle or to compliment the colour scheme of your garage.

Pricing for a tailored cover will depend on your individual specification but, on average prices start at £350+vat. All covers are handmade in Italy with a lead time of 6-8 weeks.

Please contact us to discuss further, or to receive a personal quotation.

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