Keeping a Classic Car in London

Contrary to what you may think, maintaining a classic car in London is not simply about keeping it clean and safe.

Classic cars do require significantly more care than their modern counterparts and it is far more important to treat and preserve your vehicle’s engine and gearbox, check the tyres, keep the fluids topped up and to drive it as often as you can.  We’ve put together some helpful pointers below:

1. Check all fluid levels regularly

Make sure you check all fluids, including the oil, coolant/antifreeze, brake fluid and transmission fluid on a routine basis – you cannot assume that everything is going to be as you left it.

2. Check tyre pressures

Classic cars with older tyres, may be more prone to gradual deflation or punctures, so keep an eye on this, to ensure your car remains ready to drive.

3. Run the engine regularly

Starting the car every couple of weeks is a good idea, as it will recharge the battery and allow fluids to circulate through the engine. It also gives you peace of mind that your vehicle is ready to go when you feel the urge to drive it. If you can place the battery on an automatic battery conditoner to keep tip top but this isn't always easy in London car parks etc.

4. Clean the car after every drive

If you do decide to take your car out for a spin, it’s important to clean it afterwards, as even on dry days salt and grit from roads can get on the undercarriage of your car which could cause all sorts of problems if left unchecked. Wash the sills and undercarriage with a hose and try to dry off any moisture before putting it back in the garage.

When driving around London and particularly in heavy traffic in a classic car, you may be at risk of overheating, breakdown or other issues.  It is therefore wise to keep the following helpful items in the boot of your car or at home easy to hand:

  • Automatic battery conditioner (at Windrush we strongly recommend CTEK battery conditioners)
  • Bluetooth battery condition recorder which links to your smartphone
  • Jump leads
  • Tyre pressure gauge
  • Spare oil and coolant
  • High visibility jacket for you and any passengers
  • Up to date service records

Finally, it is also worth noting that, for classic car owners, the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) doesn’t presently offer a concern, as cars manufactured before 8 April 1979 were instantly exempt when the scheme was introduced, and other cars are subject to a 40-year rolling rule provided the vehicle in question is registered as a historic vehicle.

In secure car storage at Windrush, we keep all our clients’ cars on the button in a secure, controlled environment alleviating many of the risks detailed above. By carrying out all the above checks in a documented, routine fashion, our dedicated team of storage specialists ensure no stone is left unturned.

Every vehicle is accessible with same day notice, and our clients can use their cars as often or as little as they wish knowing everything is good to go.

Should you have any questions about Windrush Car Storage, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Irrespective of vehicle make, model or monetary value, every vehicle is given the utmost care and attention to detail. Windrush has a passion for providing the ultimate storage solution. Purpose designed, highly secure and dehumidified to look after your pride and joy in the best possible conditions. Anything less than this simply wouldn’t be good enough for Windrush.

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