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Why we use Ctek battery conditioners

Posted by - Tim Earnshaw on 5 May 2020 (Updated 15 July 2024)
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CTEK battery conditioners

Why do Windrush Car Storage use CTEK battery conditioners and how do they work? 

One of the most important services provided by Windrush Car Storage when caring for clients’ vehicles is ensuring that their batteries remain charged, healthy and ready for use whenever required. In order to do this, Windrush supply every vehicle with a CTEK battery conditioner as part of their all-inclusive car storage service. Unlike many of our competitors, we do this at no extra cost to the client.

Based in Sweden

CTEK are the market leader in high quality battery conditioners.  They have designed and developed a unique range of advanced, durable and compact ‘smart’ units that provide a simple ‘plug and play’ solution for all battery maintenance requirements.  At both of our storage locations, Windrush use CTEK’s MXS 3.8 charger for our clients’ vehicles and we also have an advanced PRO 25S workshop charger if required. 

Once connected

The CTEK battery conditioner will assess the residual power stored in the vehicle’s battery and then charge at variable rates to bring it back to optimum levels. Once the battery is charged, the CTEK units automatically switch to conditioning mode to maintain the battery at optimum levels, offering the perfect solution for both short and long term battery maintenance requirements.

Ideal for charging and maintaining all types of batteries

Including lead-acid batteries (including GEL & AGM) and the new Lithium LiFePO4 batteries, CTEK battery conditioners are supplied as original equipment (OE) by many prestige manufacturers including Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Bentley.  If a client’s vehicle is sent to us for storage with its OE conditioner we will use this, or if the client prefers we will supply our own – again, at no extra cost to the client.  We ensure that all conditioners attached to vehicles in storage with us are checked regularly to maintain the health of the vehicles’ batteries.

Standing the test of time

Having used CTEK chargers for over 16 years, we continue to find them the best offering on the market despite continuous assessment of other options available.

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