Fuel tips for Car Storage

Is there anything I should do to the fuel when storing a car?

Over time, quality of fuel if left in an enclosed container, such as your fuel tank or engine can degrade. Petrol can become stale, leading to ‘gumming’ up of the fuel lines and fuel pump and tank. Diesel can do a similar thing called ‘waxing.’

Fuel at the pumps contains additives to help prevent this from occurring, however over a period of time these additives do deteriorate. Worthwhile considerations especially if you're looking at long term car storage.

There are many different recognised ways in which to ‘look after’ any fuel which may be in your cars petrol tank. These are:

  1. Leave a small amount in the tank and add ‘fresh’ fuel to this every few months, this will refresh the fuel in the tank preventing it from ‘going off’.
  2. Fill the fuel tank full with fuel, preferably with a high octane rated fuel. This larger volume of quality fuel will ‘degrade’ much slower over time than a small amount left in the fuel tank.
  3. Fill the fuel tank and add a fuel stabiliser. This will give you the best storage conditions for your fuel, in our opinion. The fuel stabiliser will help prevent the fuel ‘going off’ and going ‘gummy’ in the fuel tank, lines and injectors/carborettas. Fuel stabilisers when used at optimum dilution will generally protect up to a couple of years.