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Driving home for Christmas?

Posted by - Tim Earnshaw on 15 December 2023
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For the most treasured drive of the year, you need a special car. Here, Windrush’s London car storage team suggests eight Christmas crackers designed to cope with the worst winter weather.

Some drives are special, you look forward to them, prepare for them and do all you can to make them a memorable event. Driving home for Christmas is always one of those moments. While the reality may be a car full of children heading up a busy motorway, in our dreams we are heading through snow-topped mountains, with a loved one, a very special car, a few gifts in the boot and all the time in the world to get there.

If that dream became a reality, and we have to assume snow will feature, what car would you choose for the adventure? Here are a few suggestions from Windrush’s London car storage team to get your own daydreams started.

Audi RS2 Avant

Audi RS2

A hero car for many reasons, the RS2 is the result of a partnership between Porsche and Audi that saw the humble Audi 80 Avant become the stuff of legend. Four-wheel-drive, a 5-cylinder turbocharged engine with well over 300hp and a huge boot. Unlike the RS cars of today, the RS2 is subtle, meaning you can make discreet progress in all-weathers, and only those relatives in the know will give an approving nod as you roll up the driveway.

Porsche 911 Dakar

911 Dakar

It is often said that the only car you ever need is a 911, and if it’s a Dakar even more so. The new Dakar provides all the latest in 911 technology and performance with raised suspension, chunky tyres, and useful bodywork protection to get you to the most remote of Christmas gatherings. If you’re running late, its 480hp will soon make up time and, while it is four-wheel-drive, it can still oversteer like all 911s should. If Granny complains, tell her the raised suspension makes getting in and out a doddle.

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

GTC4 Lusso

680hp and Ferrari badges don’t usually make for the ideal winter car, but the GTC4 Lusso is four-wheel-drive, has four-wheel steering and offers an ice driving mode. In addition, it was available with winter tyres as a factory option – it was made to get to places quickly, whatever the weather. You can even be generous with your gifting with its reasonable boot. Finally, there is no need to call ahead to say you are nearly there, as your family will hear its 6.3 V12 engine echoing in the distance well in advance of your arrival.

Range Rover

Range Rover

We will refer to the latest Range Rover for the purposes of this piece, but any model is perfect for the job. No other car blends style, prestige, and sheer capability better than a Range Rover. You will arrive refreshed even after many hours, can travel at speeds of up to 155mph and can cross virtually any mountain you find in your way. Arguably the Range Rover is the perfect tool for the job, but if the snow falls with gusto be prepared to ferry all your relatives to their own homes when the roads grind to a halt.

Lamborghini Aventador S

Aventador S

If the Range Rover was the safe bet, the Aventador is the polar opposite. Included in this list for its four-wheel-drive (we will assume winter tyres are available…) everything else about it is bonkers. 740 horsepower, 217 miles per hour, 17 miles per gallon (so they say): this is the stuff dreams are made of. And what a way to arrive. The family will either love it or hate it… but they may hate it even more when you tell them it has no luggage space, so there will be no gifts this year.

Subaru Impreza P1

P1 Impreza

The Impreza has long-secured its place in the motoring Hall of Fame thanks to its heroic efforts in the World Rally Championship and a long-line of equally impressive road cars. The P1 is one of the highlights: with its flared-arched rally look, 276hp boxer engine and rally-inspired chassis dynamics it is one of the fastest ways to get from point A to point B, regardless of what lies in-between. To give the full rally experience, consider arriving onto the family’s snow-covered lawn completely sideways.

Lotus Esprit Turbo

Esprit Turbo

James Bond took his Esprit Turbo onto the ski slopes in the 1981 film For Your Eyes Only and, fitted with a roofrack to hold his skis, it instantly became the coolest snow car ever. The stats may not be so impressive when compared against current supercars, but the Esprit can still hustle along at over 150mph and with its legendary Lotus handling prowess it’s safe to say, after a spirited drive, your passenger is likely to emerge both shaken and stirred.

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

Merc G63

If the Range Rover is a bit too genteel for your tastes, there is another SUV to consider, the mighty Mercedes G-Wagen. What started out as a vehicle developed for military use, the G-Wagen has since become a respected and sought after luxury 4WD. In 2009 AMG revealed the G55, fitted with a supercharged, 500hp, 5.4 V8 with 500hp starting a line-up of fast Gs that ends with the latest 603hp G63. To do Christmas faster, you would have to borrow Santa’s sleigh.

Choose Windrush for winter car storage (and stellar service all year round)

At Windrush classic car storage, we pride ourselves on keeping your treasured vehicle always ‘on the button’ and available whenever you want it. So when you’re done with work and ready to drive home for Christmas, simply give our Cotswolds or London car storage team a call and we’ll ensure it’s primed, prepped and ready for your festive adventures.

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