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20 years of Windrush Car Storage

Posted by - Paul Garlick on 26 March 2024 (Updated 10 April 2024)
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The ultimate supercar storage facility

2004 was a fine year. You could buy a brand new TVR from the showroom, Michael Schumacher was dominating the F1 season with Ferrari, Clarkson, Hammond and May launched season 4 of Top Gear on BBC2, and Windrush Car Storage opened its doors for the first time.

Long-term car storage with F1 ideals


Windrush Car Storage was created by Tim Earnshaw, a man known for his meticulous attention to detail following a successful career in Formula 1 logistics, as a result of him needing to store one of his own cars and being shocked at the lack of high-quality options available. Tim was determined to create the ultimate secure car storage facility for owners who wanted only the best for their treasured vehicles, and launched a business with no compromises, heralding a new approach to long-term car storage

For the 20-years that followed, Windrush set the standard for others to follow in the car storage industry, continually evolving their service levels to better serve both the vehicles in their care, and the owners who entrusted them with their most loved possessions. Today Tim remains at the helm of the business, now offering 100,000 sq. ft of luxury storage across two prime locations.

Industry firsts as standard

Windrush – London’s 5 Star Luxury Car Hotel

“From the start I wanted to do things differently,” said Tim. “and that meant offering just one level of service, regardless of what car was stored with us. This was unheard of at the time, but ensured every car was treated in the same way, regardless of its value, while also allowing me to provide a standard level of service for each and every client.”

Thanks to Tim’s radical approach to car storage, Windrush has introduced numerous industry-firsts over the 20-years it has been in business, many of which have now become standard practice for storage companies around the world as competitors looked to emulate the success Tim has created. 

“We were the first to issue a high-quality, branded, fitted cover to every vehicle,” continued Tim. “this gave us a high level of quality control and a uniform look to the facility. In addition, it ensured every car was completely protected with its identity hidden as no numberplates were on display. We even uncovered each car in the same way, every time, folding inwards towards the roof to ensure any dust particles were contained before the cover is carefully washed in-house, a process we continue to use to this day.”

The drive to be the best

What sort of cars do Windrush Car Storage care for?

Another first was the standard fitment of a CTEK automatic battery conditioner to every vehicle – included in the price of storage. At the time of its introduction, many providers asked the owner to supply a charger if they wanted one, but Windrush spent time researching the chargers available, and invested heavily in the best, to ensure a consistent level of battery care was applied to all vehicles in their care. 

And this was just the start, as Tim explained, “Windrush introduced the process of valeting every car on the way into storage, at no charge, to decontaminate the vehicle prior to it entering our facility. We also fitted a high-quality, tailored seat and steering wheel cover every time we moved a vehicle, a process which adds cost to the business, but you cannot put a price on a satisfied owner when they come to collect their car.”

Room to manoeuvre

Windrush Car Storage Cenral London

Ease of access was also a Windrush first, with Tim deciding it was essential that all vehicles were able to start on the button, be immaculately clean and ready to leave the facility within minutes, should the owner require it. To allow this to happen, no cars are double-parked, a space of at least 1-metre is left between each vehicle for ease of access, and all are stored at ground level, with no lifts or stackers. This method allows the Windrush team to reach the cars easily to perform regular checks, and ensures all vehicles are accessible, 24/7.

“Windrush Car Storage was created to be the best, and to be a service provider without compromise,” said Tim. “Our large facilities could hold more cars if we stored them in a different way, but we favour excellent service over our own profitability. We love every vehicle as if it was our own, and that means sacrificing space to create a better storage environment.”

Secure car storage 24/7

Windrush Drop Zone

There is an almost endless list of industry firsts, from MOT pre-checks to a full automotive concierge service, and Windrush is now regarded as offering the world’s finest car storage in the Cotswolds and Central London.  

“When I started this business, it was just me and the cars,” said Tim, “but today we have a full-time team operating at both locations. We remain focused on offering an unrivalled experience to our clients they simply won’t find anywhere else. An example of that is our 24/7 secure drop zone which allows our clients to collect and drop their cars at any time of the day or night in a comfortable and safe environment.”

Discretion and dedication guaranteed


20 years in business is an achievement in its own right, but 20-years at the top of an industry is almost unheard of, and what makes it all the more impressive is the fact Windrush remains one of the closest-guarded secrets in the automotive world. The addresses of their locations are never published, visitors are not allowed, and you won’t find them on social media or hosting enthusiast open days. This is secure car storage at its finest.

“We exist to give our clients the gift of time,” says Tim. “and we do that by ensuring all their motoring needs are taken care of so that, when precious leisure time is available, their car is ready, fully serviced, taxed and fuelled. We can also make road trip suggestions, book trackdays and take care of any other needs they might have. Our clients enjoy the quiet discretion we offer, no fanfare, no fuss and no risk of their car appearing on our Instagram feed. We are here for our clients, and not our own egos.”

A 6-star resort for cars


As Windrush enters a year of 20th anniversary celebrations, there is no evidence to suggest their appetite to be the best shows any signs of diminishing, as Tim perfectly summarises, “Every day we learn how to do something more effectively, and we adapt our processes to suit. While some see us as a car storage business, we see ourselves as a 6-star resort for cars. Visit your favourite hotel or restaurant after a period of absence and you will see some changes, it remains perfect but, somehow better. We have the same approach, we don’t make change for change’s sake but, even after 20 years, we have no desire to rest on our laurels and remain focused on being the best in the business, whatever it takes.”

Secure Car Storage for the next 20 years and more

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After 20 years in the industry, Windrush Car Storage is at the top of their game. But rather than sit in the slow lane and risk being overtaken, they continue to improve their services by listening to their clients and adapting to the ever-changing auto-motive market.

The next 20 years will see even more developments in Windrush’s secure car storage in London and the Cotswolds. Find out more at info@windrushcarstorage.co.uk.

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