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Ready your vehicle for spring with tips from Windrush’s indoor car storage team

Posted by - Tim Earnshaw on 18 March 2024
Car Maintenance

Just as there’s an essential checklist when putting your vehicle into covered car storage for winter, so there’s an art to reintroducing your pride and joy onto the road. Read on for Windrush’s expert advice on preparing your car for spring.

It’s always a glorious moment when the first rays of spring sunshine puncture the gloom of winter – and especially so for car enthusiasts with withdrawal symptoms from their pride and joy. We trust you’ve followed our advice on bedding down your car for winter – or, even better, enlisted Windrush’s indoor car storage service. But as the days grow longer and warmer, there’s also a right way to return your car to the road. Here’s a checklist from the experts at Windrush car storage in London.

Check the tyres


As we’ve said before, when putting a car into storage, it’s wise to increase the tyre pressure by as much as 50%. Naturally, you’ll want to correct this before taking to the roads, returning the levels to the manufacturer-recommended PSI. While you’re focused on the tyres, quickly measure the tread to ensure you’re still safe and legal.

Check all fluid levels


Don’t even start the engine until you’ve checked all fluid levels. Of course, you’ll want to make sure your awakening car has sufficient oil – but depending on what you’re driving, also establish the status of your antifreeze, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid (in an automatic) and windscreen washer fluid.

Check battery health


At Windrush, we keep a close eye on each client’s battery during long term car storage, using professional battery conditioners to keep the heart of your vehicle healthy. If you’re returning to your car after a long spell off the road, be sure to check the status of your own battery, giving it a slow charge if necessary.

Check cockpit controls


You don’t want to be travelling at 60mph when you discover that some of your vital cockpit controls aren’t working. Turn the key for the first time in a safe environment like your driveway and run through the core functionalities like horn, headlights and indicators. Treat the process almost as if the car was going for an MOT.

Scan the dashboard lights

Ancillary Systems

When you start the engine after a long time off the road, look out for any alert icons that appear on the instrument display – especially the engine management light that warns of anything from a faulty sensor to a misfire. As a finishing touch, set the clock to Daylight Saving Time – there’s nothing more annoying than having to mentally add an hour whenever you’re in the car.  

Add fresh fuel


Petrol degrades when a vehicle lies idle, and if you followed our advice last winter, you’ll hopefully have introduced high octane rated fuel and a quality fuel stabiliser. As an added measure, when you bring the vehicle back to the land of the living, top it up with fresh fuel (ideally E5) to avoid the frustrating lack of power associated with cars that have spent a long period off the road.

Gently wash the car


A vital step in Windrush’s indoor car storage service is giving your car a professional wash and dry before the big sleep. The quality car covers we use mean each client’s car is still gleaming months later, and it’s a good idea to use car covers at home too. But if you’re storing your car in a domestic garage, you’ll want to give it a thorough clean before taking the road to remove any built-up dust.

Check the paperwork


For many owners, out of sight means out of mind, and it’s easy to overlook your vehicle’s documentation. Before you blow off the cobwebs, be sure to check the big three – tax, insurance and MOT – have been taken care of. Alternatively, simply enlist Windrush’s indoor car storage and let us fill in the forms so you don’t have to.

Indoor car storage that goes the extra mile


The checklist above will give you a good steer on preparing your car for spring – but the easiest option is always to choose Windrush’s indoor car storage. We’re famous for our induction programme (which includes everything from a professional wash to luxurious covered car storage) and renowned for the ongoing maintenance schedule that keeps your vehicle on point throughout its stay – you can read more about the benefits of indoor car storage versus outdoor car storage in our blog.

But did you know that Windrush can also take care of every last detail when you’re ready to stretch your car’s legs? Whenever the fancy takes you, just let the team know and we’ll attend to everything your vehicle needs before departure – right down to setting the time on the dashboard clock. It’s all part of the service.

Email the Windrush team to ask about our covered car storage in London and the Cotswolds. We’re ready to help you on info@windrushcarstorage.co.uk.

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