Place of Storage

When storing a vehicle, it is important to consider where it is going to be located while off the road.

If contemplating outdoor facilities, the vehicle is likely to be exposed to rain, wind, freezing conditions and sunlight. These conditions each have a deteriorating effect on the vehicle and especially so when left in outdoor long term car storage. This may not be apparent on a day to day basis but it will become evident over a longer period of time.

Windrush Car Storage keep all vehicles in its care in a state-of-the-art, humidity controlled, indoor environment. Cars are all covered and attached to battery conditioners. The vehicles’ mechanical condition is then taken care of by regular monitoring and maintenance. From everyday to classic car storage, each vehicle is treated with the same level of exceptional care and attention at Windrush Car Storage. 


When storing a car, the vehicle should be parked on a hard standing, such as concrete which has been sealed. The importance for sealing the floor (typically by painting with specialist floor paint) is to stop moisture being drawn up from the ground and then up onto the underside of the vehicle. This would usually occur in the evening when the air cools and warmer air becomes trapped under the car. When the cooler air meets the warmer air, a dew point is reached causing a film of moisture on the underside of the vehicle. This can lead to the rusting of the underside of the vehicle. A sealed floor will prevent this.

Seal any gaps

Ensuring the place of storage is fully enclosed allows further protection against weather and rodents. As the weather cools, rodents will seek somewhere to shelter – your car being the perfect place! Damage caused by rodents may only be noticed when the car is removed from storage which is often too late, and this can happen in not just long term car storage, but short term too. Damage caused, such as chewed wires and fouling, is not only unwanted but also costly to repair.

Placing rodent bait around the place of storage allows the monitoring of any breach which can then be dealt with.

Control the atmosphere within the building

The aim here is to either reduce the moisture content by dehumidifying, heating and/or by keeping the air moving. Air needs to contain moisture and to be still for condensation to form. More information on this can be found in our next advice article, ‘Target Environment‘.

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