AirChamber car storage ‘bubble’

Could moisture be killing your car? Unless you store your vehicle in a controlled environment – it most certainly will be. Nothing poses a bigger threat for the cherished car owner than rusting caused by hidden moisture and constant condensation.

Serious car collectors use the AirChamber as the ultimate storage method to prevent long term moisture and dust damage to their vehicles. Air Chambers are easy to erect, economical to run (typically around 20 pounds per year) and simple to use. Twin fans force up to 50,000 litres of clean, filtered air across every surface of your vehicle evaporating moisture and banishing condensation.

Key facts:

  • Free standing with an internal supporting frame allows you to easily access your pride and joy by opening zipped access panels at the front or side of theAirChamber.
  • Absolutely nothing touching your cars paintwork. Unlike a car cover which may look great, a car cover can potentially introduce scratches to your car when putting it on or removing it.
  • Twin fans draw in air through filters at a rate of 50,000 litres per hour and then circulate this filtered air around your car. This prevents any condensation forming and keeps your car dust free.
  • Prevents nearby objects accidentally damaging your pride and joy by acting as a buffer.

At Windrush Car Storage we have tried and tested all manner of car storage systems and have to say, in our opinion, these really are the best on the market. Even though all of our car storage facilities are fully dehumidified and dust free we offer them as the belt and braces approach and have many in full time operation. Very reliable and the ultimate in car storage.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements as we are only to happy to assist and talk you though all options from short term to long term car storage, and everyday to super to classic car storage.

From £399, please contact us to quote accurately.

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