6 ways to improve car security during lockdown

Though car security should be a priority at all times, in the current climate there is increased potential for crime with vehicles lying on streets and driveways around the nation.

For those looking for peace of mind, Windrush Car Storage has put together six options to improve your car’s security at home.

Steering wheel lock

Perhaps the most commonly used method of increasing car security, the premise of a steering lock is to prevent the wheel from moving should anyone attempt to drive the car. Furthermore, these are a large visual deterrent for thieves scouting potential target vehicles. When choosing and fitting a steering lock, it is important to remember the following:

  1. Buy the best device you can - with car security you tend to get what you pay for, and although all steering locks will be a visual warning sign, some hold up to removal attempts than others. This article by Auto Express gives a great rundown on potential options.
  2. Ensure you fit the item in the most secure way possible - take time to read the instructions, as simple as it may seem, and make sure you place the item in the most awkward position for anyone attempting to enter or drive the vehicle (interfering with the gear knob, hindering seating etc).

Wheel clamps

A more expensive option than a steering wheel lock, and more involved to fit and remove, wheel clamps are more appropriate for vehicles which will not be used frequently. This device locks around your car’s wheel rim, and is commonly used by councils to punish vehicles breaking the law.

This solution offers the best visual deterrent, but as with steering locks do take time to research the best options and to buy the best item you can.

Dash camera

These small cameras traditionally mount at the top of your windscreen looking out to the road ahead, and can be used to monitor your journeys as well as potential criminals. An increasingly common option due to their ability to add evidence to insurance claims in accidents as well as deter thieves, some systems boast excellent night time recording as well as motion and G sensors which turn the camera on if movement is detected.

Not only a great visual deterrent, a dash cam also has the benefit of being able to record any vandalism that occurs or other suspect activity and can be used to help identify thieves.


More commonly fitted in high value vehicles, trackers can be retrofitted to any vehicle and offer traceability should your car be stolen. Depending on the level of system chosen, some can send alerts to your mobile phone or communicate directly with police departments – there are many options at different price points available.

Car key signal blockers

As modern cars are routinely fitted with ‘keyless go’ and other such systems, an increasingly common form of theft sees criminals accessing your key remotely, unlocking and driving your car away. The first rule of car security it to keep your car keys as far away from the car as possible to make it difficult for the thief to find the signal, but for those who want certainty there are a number of simple cases and sleeves for your keys which do not allow signals to enter or exit.

Garage door locks/defenders/bollards

Even if your car is stored in a locked garage, there are also ways to improve your garage security. Perhaps most obviously, upgrading the lock on your garage is an easy way to improve security and create a visual deterrent.

For those with an ‘up and over’ style garage door, a door defender can be fitted in front of which blocks the door from opening. Mounted into the ground and fitted with a lock, these devices can be folded down by the owner to allow the door to open once unlocked.

The most permanent solution of all, there are a number of options for lockable and retractable bollards to be placed either in front of your garage or simply in front of your parking space.

Windrush Car Storage

In secure car storage at Windrush we keep all cars on the button in a secure, controlled environment alleviating all of these risks. Our security systems and regimes are world class and reviewed regularly, and we regularly update our clients on their vehicle to provide them with complete peace of mind.

Please do contact us for further information on our servcies.

Irrespective of vehicle make, model or monetary value, every vehicle is given the utmost care and attention to detail. Windrush has a passion for providing the ultimate storage solution. Purpose designed, highly secure and dehumidified to look after your pride and joy in the best possible conditions. Anything less than this simply wouldn’t be good enough for Windrush.

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